July 17, 2014

Does an anniversary make you feel nostalgic? #PlottingPrincesses #MFRWorg

Have the Years Passed Quickly for You?
After I had been secretly writing for a few months, I sat down to have dinner with Handsome who had been mega traveling. We chatted about the usual—kids, cats, house, his trip, my upcoming class reunion. Then he asked, “What have you been up to?” meaning besides Jazzercise, needlepoint, and reading.

I drew a deep breath and let this rip quickly, “I’ve been writing.”

Honestly, I don’t stun Handsome much. But this admission did. His eyes went large and he went from a reclining position to sitting straight. Then his eyes narrowed, “Writing what?”
I explained the whole enchilada about how I began writing. He really listened and when I’d finished, he said, “You’ve changed.”

And I had. I had moved into a new life stage and was embracing it wholly. Here’s what I’ve done:

4 short romantic comedies, 1 essay with MuseItUp Publishing
1 paranormal short sexy romance with Noble Romance Publishing (rights returned)
13 short romantic comedies with True Magazines
Indie Pubbed:
3 short fiction collections

To be Pubbed:
1 essay, Sisterhood Anthology by Wordforest
1 funny romantic mystery by The Wild Rose Press (coming soon!)

Can be published:
2 paranormal short sexy romances (+ returned one)
4 short romantic comedies
3 romantic mysteries

I think I have been busy.
Happy anniversary to me!
Vicki Batman is greatly rejoicing a life change and eagerly waiting what will happen soon. Check her site FMI: http://vickibatman.blogspot.com 



July 15, 2014

Michelle Miles: #TuesdayTeaser from Her Fierce Knight

Hey, gang! I'm running late today so I'm giving you a quick tease of my forthcoming fantasy romance release, HER FIERCE KNIGHT. It will be out August 28!


As the king’s health declines, Prince Ainthas takes the throne but his rule faces war with the Fomorians, enemies who have carved a path of devastation throughout the realm. When the Fire Elven princess, a striking beauty, arrives in his kingdom with a plea for help, he knows he cannot refuse her. Nor can he resist her and vows to fight for her hand from any challengers no matter the cost.

Princess Laerwen’s people are mercilessly massacred and facing annihilation, so she turns to the ones she blames—the Wood Elves. Upon meeting Ainthas, she learns who the true enemy is and enlists his help to regain her realm and destroy the Fomorians once and for all. But undeniable passion ignites between them and she is powerless to resist. And one kiss will never sate her desire for the prince. Even though she battles her growing feelings, he has made it quite clear he would do anything to have her.

When a twist of fate intervenes, Laerwen risks her heart for a seduction neither will forget and a love that will always endure.


His mouth, so hot, landed on her neck as he kissed her. He kissed his way to the back of her ear and back down again. He kissed his way across her breasts that she so desperately wanted to be freed yet the damn dress held them right in place. He kissed his way up her chin to—finally—her lips.

And oh, gods, what a kiss that was. His searing mouth did not take his time as he had before. He took what he wanted, his mouth pillaging her. His tongue dueling with hers. She noticed then that he did not taste like wild berries and honeywine. He tasted like whiskey. Strong, sharp, tangy. Much like the taste in the back of her throat. They had shared the drink and now shared the kiss of passion.

Laerwen pulled him to her, all the sharp angles of his body thrusting against her. She was aware of his hips bones and his hard shaft as he rocked his hips against her. And her body responded in like as a moan bubbled up her throat.

Gods, what were they doing? This was insane and she had to stop.

July 10, 2014

Wild Vacation Stories

So my 18-year-old daughter just returned from a trip to Taos, New Mexico. While there, she went white water rafting with her dad, step-mom and step sisters. Well........she had such a tall tale to tell when she returned that I had to retell here...snicker!

While white water rafting, it's not uncommon to fall out. And of course they all had life jackets on but after hitting a rock and trying to save one of the twin step-daughters from going overboard, her dad fell out and poor guy lost his hat and glasses. The step mom reached over like a protective mama bear and saved her child from the rapids so whew! Glad she didn't fall out. Welllll........why the white water guide was trying to save her dad, he also went over and his arm came out of the socket! In total pain, he guided the raft to a giant rock where he pushed the raft up on it to anchor it. He saves her dad..now here comes the funny part.

July 8, 2014

Tales from the Crate - How to Train Your Puppy in Three (not so) Easy Steps #puppyproblems - by Karilyn Bentley

I'm happy to announce we got a new puppy! Isn't she cute??
Our little cutie

Favorite sleeping place
She's seven months old, we were told a Lab/Border Collie mix (but she's not supposed to get bigger than 30 pounds), and came with the name Angel. Yeah, right, a misnomer for any puppy. We changed it to Arya, one of our favorite characters from GoT. The character carries a sword named Needle. Our puppy comes with teeth and baby claws that function the same purpose. The Hubster named her. The Hubster also picked her out.

We weren't looking for a puppy. Our jobs keep us away from home during the day and puppies are a lot of work. Not to mention the whole housebreaking thing (still working on that one. Maybe I can get new carpets???). A couple of Saturdays ago we were looking at a group of rescue dogs, I turn around and the next thing I know Hubster has Arya on his shoulder. She climbed over the other puppies in the pen and jumped up, reaching for him. We were like: but she's a puppy. Don't want a puppy. But she clicked with us so a couple of hours later (after a bit of discussion) we went back and got ourselves a puppy.


July 5, 2014

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The latest information, tidbits, and of course, books is in this special Summertime edition of the Plotting Princesses newsletter.

Take a peek. You never know....

July 4, 2014

Ok, I'll admit it.  I basically shot myself in the foot.  I was supposed to post yesterday's blog and got so busy with other stuff that I totally spaced and forgot to schedule it, and it sat on my computer in a word file instead of posting to the Plotting Princesses, where it was supposed to be.

So I'm rewriting it a bit and posting it today.  TA DA!!!  (Well at least I'm getting something up – better late than never, don't you think?)

July 1, 2014

Fireworks Anyone?

I'm on deadline and completely forgot it's my day to blog. So forgive me for running this one a second time around, but I think it's worth a repeat. It's the funniest fourth I've ever experienced.
Happy Birthday America!  It's almost the fourth and this month I wanted to do something a little different.  I want to hear from you what you love about living in America.  We say we're the greatest country in the world, but I want to know what makes you appreciate living here.

Here's mine: