October 23, 2014

#PlottingPrincesses : a treasured friend, author Kella Carlton & why is the last book she read entitled Foreplay? #MFRWorg #RLFblog

The Plotting Princesses are uber excited to have visiting today Kella Carlton. Kella is sharing some great stuff about her FIRST book, Rocky Mountain Stranger. 

Congratulations, Kella and welcome to the PP!

Let's get a little inside info on Kella: Kella is excited to launch her first book Rocky Mountain Stranger and is currently writing book two in her Mountain Blue Clique Series. Kella enjoys gardening, scrapbooking, and photography. Visit her website to view her most recent pictures. 

Speed Round:

Favorite movie: Titanic 
Favorite Book:  Outsiders 
Last book read:  Foreplay 
Favorite color:  red 
Stilettos or flip-flops: stilettos 
Coffee or tea: coffee 
E-book or paperback: paperback 
Pencil or pen: pen
Favorite song: Grenade
Streak or not: Streak J
Favorite dessert: pastries
Champagne or gin: gin
Paranormal or Historical: historical
Ginger or Mary Ann: Mary Ann
Favorite TV show: Seinfeld
Hot or cold: cold
POV: 3rd
I'd die if I don't have: camera

Blurb from Rocky Mountain Stranger:
A pretty girl from a small, mountain town falls in love with a sexy but arrogant, big city cop.

 Excerpt from Rocky Mountain Stranger: 
         The log cabin sat unusually dark and quiet. A deafening silence whispered through the ponderosa pines, dripped onto the rhododendrons, and seeped over the stone pathway. Jady Royal rubbed the goose bumps prickling along her arms and ascended the cedar steps, where an unsettling chill had her looking over her shoulder and twisting her fingers into knots. She quickly turned the doorknob, eager to bolt inside and seek shelter from the creepiness.


“Totally not-happening.” She retrieved the key from the hideaway built into the back of the birdhouse and opened the heavy wooden door.


Staleness greeted her. Even the dog was gone. “Shadow!” The Labrador retriever ignored her call. She had anticipated his loyalty, tongue dripping, tail wagging. Where was everyone? A sense of abandonment crept up her spine. She thumped her arms to her sides and stared at the memo board.


Poppy always left a message. She rifled through the mail on the hall tree, looking for a note. Finding none, she checked the floor and then sifted through the mail again. Drat. No note.


With a lengthy exhale, she turned toward the living room. Poppy lifelessly stretched across the couch, quiet and still—deep in sleep, but he never took naps. His arm hung awkwardly limp over the cushion. She ran toward him and knelt beside the sofa. With droopy eyes, he stared straight through her.

Find Kella at: Kella Carlton Website Email

Find Rocky Mountain Stranger at:   Amazon

October 21, 2014

Michelle Miles: A Fair Weekend

The State Fair of Texas ended this past weekend. Every year I say, “Let’s go!” and every year we end up not going. Except this year we actually made it!

I remembered why we don’t go every year – it’s darn expensive! But you know…having not been in nearly two decades, it was a blast. The husband and I spent a small fortune on coupons, most of which we blew on food. Hey, you can’t go to the fair and NOT eat the food, right?

We arrived early to beat most of the crowd. By early, we were at the gate by 9 am. I’d purchased the tickets ahead of time because Kroger had them with a discount. That saved us a couple of bucks. Immediately inside the gate was the Chevy drive event. Now, I’m a Chevy girl all the way. Hubby is a Ford guy. We still managed to get along. ;) I paused to look at the new Tahoe. Candy apple red with this sleek knew interior, sunroof, drop down screen for the back passengers, third row seat, hidden storage in the back. I was in love.

The girl talked me into doing a test drive. My son was really excited because he could go too. I gotta say, the new Tahoe…very nice, Chevrolet. VERY nice.

I also test drove a Camaro and a Corvette. The Camaro was sleek and quiet but cramped in the back. But the convertible is nice. It had that heads-up display which I thought was really awesome. Never take your eyes off the road to see your speed.

But the Corvette… now that’s the stuff of dreams. I’d have to sell my house or my first born to buy that car but it was super HAWT. The seats were Italian leather and smelled divine. Heads-up display, push start, super cool console. The full-color display screen had a secret compartment behind it. It was so James Bond! I wanted it just for that. There was no door handle inside either – just a button to push to open the door. It was divine. I got a free t-shirt and key chain out the deal and the right to say I drove a Corvette for the rest of my life.

We made it to the auto show after that and saw all the new cars. That’s probably my favorite thing out there. The entire building has new car smell. Man salivated over the Charger and the Ford F250. The kid was just happy to do the racing simulator.

And the food? Where do I begin? Corny dogs, giant soft pretzel, foot long hot dog, ice cream, fried Cuban roll, fried pickles and countless samples in the food building. We were stuffed and sick all at the same time. And it was glorious. Even hours after being home, I’d swear I still smelled corny dogs and turkey legs.

By the time we left at 3 pm, it was PACKED. There were so many people it was hard to walk anywhere. However, it was well worth it. We had a blast.

What’s your favorite Fair food or activity?

October 16, 2014

.@VickiBatman - "A life lived in fear is a life half-lived" #MFRWorg #MFRWauthors #KOD #TWRP

Time to Party!

My Journey began a few years back when I took the challenge to write something. I am a huge reader. However, deep in my being was a tiny bubble, a kernel and I didn't dare admit anything to anyone about my secret desire: I wanted to write a book. 

But I was scared. Because writing a book meant showing it to someone to read it--right? Because books are meant to be read. Which meant what if readers don't like it? 

The idea of not being liked stifled me; so I shelved and shuttered the idea until...I was challenged. 

One of my favorite movies is Strictly Ballroom, a Cinderella story set in the ballroom scenario. A not-so attractive girl who everyone takes advantage of desperately desires to blossom by becoming a ballroom dancer. A young man has the chance to be ballroom champion if he picks the right partner. These two come together and fulfill their dreams. 

Right before the big show, the young man admits his fear about dancing in a new way. The girl quotes an old family saying, "A life lived in fear is a life half-lived." Wow!

October 9, 2014

Move Over Marley, You've Got Nothin' On Me #crazydog #plottingprincesses by Karilyn Bentley

I'm sure you've all heard of Marley, the lab that ate his way through his owner's home. I often wondered what the owner did to cause their dog to go so crazy. So, for my audacity, the universe blessed me with a couple of crazy pooches. At the end of this tale, you can tell me what we did wrong.<g>

Hop in your time machine and journey back with me several years ago when we had first moved into our brand new house and Clara, aka Jaws, still walked among us. Warning: never buy a new house if you own a crazy dog (or a puppy for that matter). Just saying.

Okay, back to the story. Let me set the scene. Clara (the usual eater of the home) had to have surgery (no, it had nothing to do with eating the house, she'd calmed down by this point and only snacked on mail or any other paper item lying around, which BTW worked better than any other shredder). Hell Hound had torn a gash on his leg and was forced to wear the cone of shame so he wouldn't lick the boo-boo. Outdoor maintenance men were coming over, and since HH had a nasty habit of jumping on the doors and windows while barking, snarling and drooling, hence scaring the crap out of the guys, we had to lock him in the bedroom (why not the crate, you ask? B/c he ate through a solid steel crate to get to the windows and the UPS guy. Crate had a broken door and was therefore a no-go.).

When we got home we were met at the door by Hell Hound. A very excited, Hell Hound.

October 7, 2014

Do You Love Bad Boys?

As a writer and a reader one of my favorite types of plot is changing a bad boy into a guy that falls in love. I like to take a strong heroine who sort of knocks the bad boy on his knees. When I say bad boy, I don’t mean someone who is abusive or criminal, but rather a guy who you know deep down is really a good guy, but he’s just got some tendencies that need to be tamed.

In my new novel, The Relationship Coach, just released last Friday...I hope I’ve done that. I love Reed Hunter, but as far as my hero's go, he’s out there. He uses women for his own purposes and never intends to get married. So when he and his boss get dumped after their girlfriends attend my Relationship Coach’s Twelve Steps of Dating Seminar, Reed is out for blood. Her blood. As a documentary filmmaker he has the tools to either promote or destroy her business.
Come along for the fun ride where my bad boy gets knocked to his knees and Lacey Morgan learns the value of passion in The Relationship Coach. 

Here’s an excerpt:

October 2, 2014

#PlottingPrincesses author @LindaSteinberg : wants to know What do the hero & heroine have in common? #MFRWorg #RLFblog

“But what do they have in common?”

 Emotion in Romance

How often have you read a romance novel where the sexual tension is palpable? Tingling, breathing heavily, you squirm in your seat, eager for the big payoff, wondering Will they/Won’t they/When will they? Of course, the would-be lovers can’t get together, because of a family feud, or a big misunderstanding, or he’s a firefighter and she’s an arsonist, fill-in-conflict-here.

But then that conflict gets resolved, and they are finally in each other’s arms (not necessarily in that order). And the couple suddenly realizes that not only do they share an intense sexual attraction, but that they like and respect and yes, love each other. 

And I as a reader scratch my head and wonder, when did this happen?

September 30, 2014

Release day for CHRISTMAS BRIDES

It’s release day for CHRISTMAS BRIDES!

Huzzah, huzzah! I am so very excited!

And, I'm so very, very sorry!

Yes, that’s right—my delight comes with reservations, because  this means that the Christmas book season is now officially open. Which is why I am sorry. Because I’m not ready for it to be the Christmas Season, either. I’m not even ready for it to be Halloween, much less Thanksgiving or the Yule! 

So to assuage my guilt over having to force the holidays upon you, and to get into the proper spirit of the season, I am giving away five (5) copies of CHRISTMAS BRIDES, the marvelous anthology of four Christmas stories from historical romance authors Suzanne Enoch, Alexandra Hawkins, Valerie Bowman and me!